H is for HOLD ME TIGHT #atozchallenge #IsItEricOclockYet @_FaithSullivan_

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    I recently came across Faith Sullivan‘s post, Do authors waste too much time on social media? I thought that it made some very interesting points. For example:   “Readers, if you like an author – engage, engage, engage. Don’t leave them hanging in social media oblivion. Even if you only read a blog once a… Read more.

G is for @Goodreads Groups #AprilA2Z #atozchallenge

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  I must admit that I didn’t use half of the features on Goodreads when I first joined the site. I primarily used it to record my books – both read and to-be-read. I discovered that my reading choices were, um, let’s say limited. [Mysteries call to me.] To add some variety, I joined The… Read more.

A to Z Challenge – Day 7: G is for Genre

Shelli Rosewarne

Hi all,

I thought I’d briefly touch on genre today. It can be a tricky issue for any writer – there can be a great tendency, especially in ‘traditional publishing’ to want to be able to neatly pigeon-hole a novel and a writer into a tidy little box. On some level you can understand this, if they are investing in a novel then they want to know they can sell it – which means in their eyes there needs to be a clear way for them to market it and a specific audience to market it towards. I’ve heard stories from other writers of them submitting to publishers who apparently loved their work but who still wouldn’t take them on due to marketing concerns, things ranging from they had reached their quota of that ‘style’ of novel, to it was too cross-genre, to even ‘we don’t think the market can…

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A Theme Song for Jennifer “JJ” Blythe James [CORRALLED]

“When I was a little girl I used to watch old Westerns on televison, she said, hoping to lighten both of their moods. I always wanted to run away with a cowboy.” – Jennifer “JJ” Blythe James in Corralled (Harlequin Intrigue Series) by B.J. Daniels   I cannot think of a better theme song for… Read more.