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H is for HOLD ME TIGHT #atozchallenge #IsItEricOclockYet @_FaithSullivan_


I recently came across Faith Sullivan‘s post, Do authors waste too much time on social media? I thought that it made some very interesting points. For example:


“Readers, if you like an author – engage, engage, engage. Don’t leave them hanging in social media oblivion. Even if you only read a blog once a week or retweet a tweet now and then.” – Faith Sullivan


Faith, here’s me engaging… H is for HOLD ME TIGHT!


Faith’s TAKE ME NOW series is on my to-be-read list. I have entered to win ebook copies of TAKE ME NOW (#1) and MEANT FOR ME (#2) as part of the Raining Romance Books Giveaway Hop. Fingers crossed to win.



Help Faith spread the word about HOLD ME TIGHT’s April 30th release.









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One response to “H is for HOLD ME TIGHT #atozchallenge #IsItEricOclockYet @_FaithSullivan_

  1. (sigh) I couldn’t get the HOLD ME TIGHT countdown widget to work on this blog. Any who…

    2o days til release day. *throws confetti*

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