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Enter to Win a Thrilling Summer Book Giveaway (July 1 – 19, 2015)

Enter to win 16 thrilling books and a $50 Amazon gift card! Contest begins July 1st, ends July 19, 2015. Books will consist of signed paperbacks or eBooks. Open to US residents only.


Click here to enter: Good luck! Be sure to join the Facebook event for the giveaway! Each book will be featured on the Facebook event page on the following dates:


7/1 Visiting Lilly, by Toni Allen

7/2 Shadow Dancer, by Addison Kline

7/3 Rachel’s Folly, by Monica Bruno

7/6 Diamond Run, by Michael Croucher

7/7 The Anonymous Source, by A.C. Fuller

7/8 Sandcastle and Other Stories, by Justin Bog

7/9 Women in Red, by Jordan Rosenfeld

7/10 What Echoes Render, by Tamsen Schultz

7/11 Macyn’s Letter, by S.L. Stacker

7/13 Awake, by Melanie Surani

7/14 All the Pretty Bones, by Camela Thompson
Blood, Spirit & Bone, by Camela Thompson

7/15 Veronika Layne Gets the Scoop, by Julia Park Tracey

7/16 Inhuman Interest, by Eric Turowski

7/17 Roses are Red Violet is Dead, by Monica-Marie Vincent

7/18 OP-DEC: Operation Deceit, by K. William


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