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VISITING LILLY author Toni Allen Discusses Time Travel + Giveaway

Today, I am hosting a stop on the virtual book tour for Visiting Lilly by Toni Allen, a British Detective meets Paranormal Romance released October 5, 2014 from Booktrope Publishing. Enter to win an eBook and free Tarot Reading! A Rafflecopter Giveaway.






D.I. Jake Talbot is a burnt-out British detective given a second chance to believe in love, friendship and the transcendent essence of the human experience. When he investigates a seemingly innocent visitor to a residential care home for the elderly he uncovers a dangerous family hiding a forbidden romance that mysteriously crosses the boundaries of time. The deceitful family does all they can to prevent Talbot from discovering their secrets surrounding an unsolved murder, family betrayal; at the core of which is a keenly intelligent, though somewhat mentally challenged young man who is fixated on an elderly woman being held captive by her own grandson. Talbot sets out to right the many wrongs done to the blameless, and in turn, rediscovers his own humanity.




Jake comforts a sozzled, worried Helen


Chapter 6,


Cover_Visiting LillyHe spent most of the night reading Frankie’s blog in his bedroom, the soft glow from a table lamp enough to scribble down some notes, the bed behind him unused, and his eyes aching from staring at the machine. For comfort he’d stripped off and put on his dressing gown, made himself as relaxed as the tension in his neck would allow. It must have been gone three when the door swung open, the sound of Helen creeping in making him turn, the sight of her mussed-up hair where she’d tried to sleep startling him into thinking she was a ghost. His pulses raced. Christ, this is what Frankie’s blog did for you, got you so involved in his crazy world that suddenly his reality became your own.

‘You okay?’ he whispered.

‘No,’ she said, sounding maudlin. She slumped down onto the bottom of the bed and burst into tears, a half-empty bottle of wine cradled in her lap.

‘Hey, hey,’ he said softly, and placed an arm around her shoulders, drawing her close.

‘I … I’m so … confused,’ she managed to say between great, heaving, alcohol-fuelled sobs. ‘Everyone’s lied to me, haven’t they?’

Not knowing what everyone had said, Talbot chose the middle line, ‘Not lied, Helen.’

‘What then?’

‘It’s a cover up, for something.’ He kissed her forehead.

‘He’s meant to be crazy,’ she said angrily. ‘Frankie is supposed to be a harmless schizophrenic, with a wild imagination, who lives in his own bizarre dream world … and … and writes a love story about someone who isn’t real called Lilly.’ She looked up at him, tears sparkling on her cheeks. ‘Now it’s all sinister, Jake, all creepy and bad—and bloody scary.’



Is time travel possible, and have you ever experienced it?

By Toni Allen


Many years ago I attended a talk on Aura Soma colour healing run by a friend of mine. Aura Soma is a range of bottles, which generally have two coloured essential oils floating one on top of the other that smell absolutely divine. The gorgeous smell comes from the herbs and herbal extracts used. The bottles are designed to realign energies and bring understanding to oneself. In advance of my friend’s talk I’d agreed to be called up during the demonstration and choose one of the bottles. Yes, I was the guinea pig.

What I didn’t know was that alongside the people at Aura Soma my friend had been experimenting with generating her own colour combinations, and that one or two of the bottles on the table were absolutely unique. When I was invited to step up and choose whichever coloured bottle appealed to me the most my friend gazed at me in amazement. Yes, I’d selected one of her experimental bottles.

Placing her arm around me she urged me to face her audience and said, very proudly, “This is my good friend Toni Allen, and she has just chosen the Time Traveller bottle. This bottle helps you see the past, present and future.”

My friend then invited me to explain what I do for a living and how relevant this Time Traveller bottle was for me. During a tarot reading I explore someone’s past, look at their present life and guide them towards a fulfilling future. I do much the same with an astrology reading as well.

However, I also do past life work with clients, and have perfected a technique in which I go into a state of deep relaxation and see their past life for them. I’ve always been able to spontaneously experience someone else’s past life, often by simply holding their hand, and over a period of time I’ve perfected a way of using this to help people explore their past lives. I’ve been told by others that this is a Shamanic way of working. When I ‘go back’ into someone’s life I see things, smell things and hear things. I also experience all of their emotions. The only thing that is lacking is touch, and I cannot physically pick up anything and bring it back with me, so all I return with is the story and all of the sensations associated with it.

Along with my ability to ‘know’ my own past lives, and have glimpses into my future, I’ve also had shockingly accurate insight into other people’s futures. Sometimes these insights into the future come as words and feelings, whereas with past life work I get the entire scene in full Technicolor.

On thinking about it I had to say that the Time Traveller Aura Soma bottle was an incredibly accurate intuitive choice. Prior to choosing that bottle I’d never labelled myself as a Time Traveller, but now I see myself as one, and have drawn on these personal experiences when writing Visiting Lilly.


AUTHOR Bio and Links


AuthorPic(1)Toni Allen is a professional tarot reader, astrologer, author and photographer.

I’ve been a professional tarot reader for about 30 years, and an astrologer for about 25. Now, thanks to the internet, I have an International client database. My main website is creaking because I haven’t updated it for so long, but it’s still fully functional and full of lots of interesting information. . A new build is underway, with lots of modern bits and pieces so that you can connect with me via Facebook and easily keep up to date with events that I’m offering readings at.


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