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Shimmer by Elena Dillon: Release Event

Chandler Raines and her “dad” are on the run. Never staying
in one place for very long. It’s just not safe. 

When they arrive in Lafayette, Louisiana, Chandler quickly realizes this
is the place she wants to call home. Friends, a cute boy, and competitive
cheerleading have her taking dangerous risks to have the life she always wanted.
Risks she promised she wouldn’t take. 

When her lies catch up to her, a decision has to
be made. Stay or run? Will the evil that’s chased them for the last four years
catch up to them? When Chandler’s past comes screeching into the present she’ll
have to sacrifice everything to keep what she loves safe. But will it be

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About the Author:
Elena Dillon writes
Young Adult Romantic Suspense. She lives in Southern
California and spends
her days writing and catering to their English bulldog,
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Hope to see you all there!!


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