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Help: Holiday Decorating How To

Need a little help with your holiday decorating? This blog post includes a decorating book bundle and a Howcast Home video on making 5 different Christmas centerpieces.

I have a lot of evergreens in my yard so I am planning on making them the focal point of my decorations this year. I think that I’ll make the video’s step 5 centerpiece for my foyer table.

What are your decorating plans for this holiday season?

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$13.99 Holiday Decorating How To Books

Decorating with Evergreens, Evergreen Tabletops, or Wreaths for All Seasons Holiday Decorating Books

Decorating with Evergreens
  • Packed with ideas for holiday decorations
  • Uses fresh flowers, fruit, and live greenery
  • Create beautiful wreaths, garlands, and centerpieces
  • Tips for incorporating creations into your home’s decor
  • Written by floral shop owner with decades of experience
Evergreen Tabletops
  • Focuses on creating eye-catching centerpieces
  • Inspired by seasonal, local flora
  • Combines fresh flowers, fruit, and live greenery
  • Create pieces appropriate for any occasion
  • Written by floral shop owner with decades of experience
Wreaths for All Seasons
  • Make wreaths for any season
  • Tips for adding pizzazz to store-bought wreaths
  • Uses flowers found at farmers’ markets or grocery stores
  • Draws on what’s in season
  • Written by James T. Farmer III, editor-at-large for Southern Living

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Howcast Home: How to Make Christmas Centerpieces

Brighten up your table by fashioning one of these five Christmas centerpieces.

Web Exclusive | Aired on 12/17/2010


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