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The 8th Annual MotherReader 48-Hour Book Challenge | June 7–9, 2013

Ms Yingling Reads Ms. Yingling is taking over 48-Hour Book Challenge hosting duties for MotherReader this year. Thanks Ms. Yingling! <in my best middle-grade voice> I have a number of middle-grade books that I would like to read this weekend. You can read middle-grade, young adult, or adult books in this challenge.

The game plan is pretty simple.

1. Sign up on the Mr. Linky on Ms. Yingling Reads when you start.
2. Post your starting line blog entry.
3. Read, blog and social network about reading (1 hour for every 5 hours of actual reading counts toward reading time) for 48 HOURS!
4. After 48 hours, fill in Mr. Linky at this blog’s Sunday post, fill out spreadsheet, and post your finishing line entry on your blog.

Ready to sign up? Need more detailed instructions? Swing by here.

You can select your own reading window for any 48-hour period within the Friday-to-Monday-morning window. I will be reading (and socializing #48hbc) from 4:00 pm EST Friday (June 7) to 4:00 p.m. EST on Sunday (June 9) from MAD Hoydenish.

I’ll post my all of my 48-Hour Book Challenge updates to this MAD Hoydenish page. Please drop by that blog post during the weekend to offer encouragement, say hello, discuss these books, or just peep at my status updates.


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