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Join me in Dewey’s Read-a-Thon April 27, 2013

Hear ye! Hear ye! I just signed up for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon.

I came across the read-a-thon in the task list of The Seasonal Reading Challenge on Goodreads. A side group of this challenge is going to participate in the April 2013 read-a-thon.

I am really excited. I have never participated in any kind of “a-thon” before.

My goal is to read at least 10 books. For this first time around, my strategy is to read short books and books of short stories so that I feel like I am making good progress. I’ll have a back-up list just in case I don’t like what I chose – or better yet, I finish all 10 books ahead of time.

I feel like things could get dicey for me if I read non-stop. I am going to take some time to be a cheerleader for other readers during the day.

Be sure to check out the Read-a-Thon FAQ. There are multiple ways to participate (Reader, Cheerleader, Mini-Challenge Host, Organizer and Prize Donor) – even if you don’t want to read all 24 hours.

Are you planning to participate?

Have you participated in this event before?

I’ll be blogging here and tweeting my updates (hashtags #Readathon #Dewey #MiniChallenge #RahRahReadathon) throughout the day.

Please drop by on April 27 to discuss what I am reading or to cheer me on. I am going to need it.


I hope that you will be visiting a lot of blogs during the event. At some point during the day, I am going to try and update on the following social networks (in addition to here). If it’s easier for us to connect on one of the networks below, please visit and cheer for me there.

I will be posting some of my reads on PaperBackSwap and BookMooch for swapping. I am tying not to be a book hoarder. LOL!

Good luck and happy reading!



5 responses to “Join me in Dewey’s Read-a-Thon April 27, 2013

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  3. I’m here for a little pre-emptive cheering!!! Have a GREAT DAY!


  4. lmm831

    Have an amazing readathon now that we are off and running! I will be here cheering you on throughout the day!


  5. Alex in Leeds ⋅

    Good luck from another readathoner, I’ve lost count of what number this one is for me but I always have a great time. 🙂

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