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Weird Golf [Book Review]


“I will grant that playing with three clubs can get boring. The short grass in the fairway all looks the same, whereas the cart paths, fescue, and forests where you usually play add a lot of variety to your golf experience.” – Dave Donelson, Weird Golf


You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even throw up your dinner, but Weird Golf will make you think twice about teeing it up at twilight.

Golf has so much more to offer than hushed fairways and perfectly-trimmed greens. For golfers with open and slightly-twisted minds, there are also blue gnomes that read putts, ghosts with golf tips, and witches you never, ever want to play through. These 18 stories by veteran golf writer Dave Donelson will help you push aside your long-drive ego, peel back your putter-shaking id, and expose the goofy golfer deep inside.

Tongue firmly in cheek, Dave Donelson tells some of the strangest stories in golf. Like the grudge match at Pebble Beach between Superman and Batman. Meet the golf pro who sold his soul to the devil and the werewolf who makes a run at the Grand Slam. And don’t forget the guy who can cure your slice if you’ll only let him bite your neck.”


#3words2describe – funny, weird, twisted


Weird Golf: 18 Tales of Fantastic, Horrific, Scientifically Impossible, and Morally Reprehensible Golf is a funny book for a somewhat limited audience. I expected the book to be non-fiction (due to a lack of detail in the Goodreads summary). Sort of a strange-but-true for golf. It is mostly a mixture of fiction short stories, many with a science-fiction bent.  I should say upfront that I am not a golfer. I don’t play at all. I visit the driving range once every three years or so. I do, however, have a decent understanding of the game and watch a few matches from time to time each season.

I think that to truly appreciate Weird Golf, you have to know a bit about golf and like playing or watching the game. The book is laced with golf terminology, golf history, and golf humor. So much so that I imagine that it would be a very slow read for those not familiar with the game. It’s not a book where you can “wing it” on the golf.

The stories themselves were hit-or-miss for me. Honestly, the first two almost made me put down the book. The stories that were misses seemed underdeveloped and needed more fleshing out. Fortunately, the remaining stories got progressively better. There is more good than bad. Of the eighteen stories, I especially liked Grand Slam, Balderwhipple, Three Club Wind, and The View From The Mountain.

Golf fans with a good (and slightly twisted) sense of humor and a penchant for science fiction will like this book more than others. I can see a golfer enjoying a Weird Golf tale or two while waiting for the group in front to clear the tee box at the golf course.

Recommended for:

  • Golf fans

NOTE: I received a free copy of Weird Golf: 18 Tales of Fantastic, Horrific, Scientifically Impossible, and Morally Reprehensible Golf through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.

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  1. It’s gone! Someone requested my copy on PaperBackSwap.

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