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Friends with Benefits in Love and Play?


Although I don’t recall Dominique Clark or Jake MacDonald using the term, I considered their relationship in Love in Play (by Zuri Day) to be a kind of  “friends with benefits” type of situation. “… when their instant attraction leads to a sizzling all-night sexual marathon, they agree that several rematches are in order just to get each other out of their systems.” I know some people who have tried a friends with benefits set up. Someone (and not necessary both people) almost always ended up “catching feelings” despite the arrangement.

So I wasn’t surprised that Love In Play’s relationship went to a deeper level in the end. I was looking at comments about the book on other sites and noticed a number of people saying that they were not able to connect with the characters. I wondered why. Was it their personalities or the romance? I found Dominique and Jake to be both funny and full of themselves. Then I thought maybe it was the commitment-free rematches…

Did the fact that Dominique and Jake purposely went with a  friends with benefits type of relationship upfront impact your feelings about their HEA (happily ever after)?

Check out these movies and shows for more examples of friends with benefits Friends with Benefits (Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis), Friends With Benefits (Season 1 TV), No Strings Attached, and Friends (With Benefits) (Margaret Laney, Alex Brown).


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