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Gift of Peace: The Jimmy Carter Story [Book Review]


Author:  Elizabeth Raum | Website |

Reading level: Ages 9 and up

Paperback: 128 pages

Publisher:  Zonderkidz* (August 30, 2011)


When he looks back at his many different roles in life, [Jimmy Carter] says, “My life since I left the White House has been the most enjoyable and gratifying and unpredictable and adventurous.” – by Elizabeth Raum, Gift of Peace: The Jimmy Carter Story



“When Jimmy Carter was a boy, he listened to his parents talk about local politics and watched them live out their Baptist faith in the community. From the fields of his family farm to traveling the world negotiating peace talks, God guided every step of Jimmy’s journey. His unwavering devotion to peace and faith helped him navigate the political waters of the governorship and presidency. Discover the extraordinary life of this world-famous humanitarian and follow in the footsteps of this incredible man of God.”


#3words2describe –  informative, faith-based, positive


Gift of Peace: The Jimmy Carter Story is a biography of James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr., the 39th U.S. president, told from a Christian world point of view. Written for children around middle school level, the book starts with Carter’s humble beginnings in Plains, Georgia, follows his path to the White House, and finishes with his present life as a humanitarian. The book highlights how the influence of his Christian faith shaped his decisions over the years. Although I am a former Georgian, I still learned a lot of interesting things about President Carter and his family that I didn’t know. I normally steer clear of biographies about modern-day public figures, as I don’t really want to know the minutiae of their lives. Gift of Peace was an enjoyable and very easy read from my adult POV. It covered the highs and lows with no “t.m.i.” to distract me.  I may start reading juvenile biographies now.

As a public figure who is very open about his faith, I think that Jimmy Carter would be pleased with this book.

Recommended for:

  • Middle school readers
  • Christian non-fiction readers

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* Zonderkidz is the children’s group of Zondervan, an evangelical Christian publisher.

NOTE: I received a free advance reading copy of this book through a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.


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