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“I could fry up some elk steaks.” Huh?

“I’ll see what’s in the fridge. Are you hungry? You didn’t eat much at the last place we stopped. I could fry up some elk steaks.” – Logan Chisholm in Corralled (Harlequin Intrigue Series) by B. J. Daniels


Say what? Who has elks steaks in their fridge for last-minute guests? Not me. Apparently, Logan Chisholm did though. He offered to cook up some elk steaks for unexpected house guest, Jennifer “JJ” Blythe James in Corralled.

I’ve never eaten elk meat. I’ve never even seen elk meat at the grocery store or farmers’ market. It made me curious. How does elk taste? Where does one go to purchase elk steaks outside of Montana? I took a look at FTG Game Meats on It sells a Buffalo-Elk Steak Combo for folks who want something outside of the chicken, cow, and pig triangle.  Elk meat ain’t cheap.

So then I asked, “How do you prepare elk steaks?” Check out this Grilled Elk Steaks recipe posted by Marianne5 on Let me know if you try it.

Don’t say that I never tried to expand your palate.


What’s the most unusual meal you’ve served to unexpected house guests? 


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